LIVER PROTECTION:The anti-infammatory and anti-oxidant herbs spoken about protect the liver against variety of toxins and injurious stimuli by improving many liver cell functions, reducing the oxidative stress, the related liver damage and infammation.

Detox your liver for beter general health

You will see very noticeable differences in your health when you pay attention to the foods and herbs that beneft your liver. Doing a regular detox for the colon with additional herbs to support your liver will reward you with faster initial results and ongoing improvement as you continue to eat healthy, living foods.

It is good to get a combination of these foods and ingredients into your regular routine, but high doses in the short term could promote rapid detoxifcation and healing by way of quickly restoring healthy liver function.

Detox programs

Detox supplements that address the entire digestive system indirectly support the liver. By clearing undigested, built up matter from the colon, a good quality herbal program with adequate therapeutic amounts of herbs, will reduce the amount of re-circulating waste substances straining the liver.

Our Ultimate Herbal Detox programs not only do this but also give the added benefts of large doses of all the herbs talked about in this book.

This has a direct positive impact on the liver.

LIVER PROTECTION:The Detox diet plan also provides the perfect liver cleansing diet which is followed over 14 days.

Follow up plan

Once you have completed the initial 14 day detox, it pays to keep the diet as clean as possible including those recommended foods, for up to 6 months.

Your liver has approximately a 6 month regeneration cycle, so this will allow your liver to be completely refreshed.  If you are performing your annual service, (like you should) then simply another 7 days of pure foods will complete the task.

LIVER PROTECTION:It is good to do a Herbal DETOX once a year, and also good to continue with our Boditune program in between. Most people fnd this helps balance metabolism, curb negative habits and is a good reminder to stay on track.

Most of all remember to avoid chemicals, additives, alcohol and pharmaceuticals where possible. Your liver is the body’s chemical processing factory and as such requires space to keep everything properly sorted.

Give it a break and you will be rewarded.


The benefts of performing a natural liver detox are wide ranging and include increased energy, mental clarity, improved blood sugar, cholesterol balance, reduced headaches and allergies plus better digestion.

By introducing the most benefcial liver cleansing foods into your diet along with the liver supporting herbs above which form part of a Herbal DETOX you can quickly and effectively support your liver and improve your general health.

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