1.shocking-facts: GLUTEN : A mixture of four and water was used as wallpaper  glue for many years before modern paste became available   The binding and thickening effect of wheat and other gluten   Pasta (paste), bread, biscuits, pastry and cakes contain gluten  (glue) containing grains is widely known within the food industry   Scientifc studies prove that gluten protein adheres to the  intestinal wall causing major problems, such as celiac disease

2. RED MEAT :  Humans struggle to digest red meats because  our digestive systems are ten times more alkaline than  carnivores, which incidentally eat raw meat only  Cooked  meat can take days to digest. Up to fve pounds of undigested red  meat can putrefy in our intestines, weakening our immune  system and feeding poisons into the body

3. PARASITES :  There are well over 100 different types of parasites   size, while others can be seen with the naked eye  These and worms that can live in our bodies  Some are microscopic in organisms are prolifc in our environment, can be found in  the  food we eat and possibly even inhaled  If you have a parasite infestation you may feel constantly agitated, tired, bloated, have swings of appetite, and especially crave sugar

4. DEAD FOOD :  Processed and refned food products are virtually  enzyme and nutrient dead  They do not provide you with the  natural, living and life giving properties that real food should    Flavors, colors and artifcial sweeteners found in processed, artifcial, dead foods all contribute to your toxic load, and require  enzymes to break down, depleting your energy reserves

5. OTHER TOXINS :  Pharmaceuticals, alcohol, tobacco, coffee,  sugar, food additives, environmental pollutants, household   all compound to create a toxic overload in your system,  eventually resulting in a deadly cocktail  Cancer, heart disease   chemicals, mental and emotional stress, over-work and fatigue   and diabetes can all stem from prolonged toxic overload of one form or another

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